Author: Rob Huber

It’s About Time: The Rival Blog

Finally, the first of hopefully many posts to come from either one of us, the ownership duo here at Rival Solutions.  For those not familiar with us personally, you can discover who we are through our profiles (Claude, Rob).  Time has flown by and

The City of Bécancour deploys RUBIX to measure pavement condition impact of freeze / thaw cycle

Following an initial pilot project that concluded in 2013 , the Municipality of Bécancour has renewed RUBIX during the 2014 spring season.  The objective of the second project is to measure the ride quality of the cities road network during

City of Repentigny joins pilot testing group for Rival’s Road Performance Evaluation solution

The City of Repentigny has entered into a 3 month pilot project with Rival Solutions to test the RUBIX workflow for evaluating the condition of their road network.  The city will use an iPhone, and Rival’s rRuf application to gather

DCL Siemens selects Rival Solutions

DCL Siemens selects Rival Solutions to develop a comprehensive automated pavement condition cloud processing service to enhance overall productivity of their mobile data capture operation.  For more information, please contact us.

City of Becancour selects RUBIX for recurrent, network wide road evalution

The City of Becancour has selected Rival’s RUBIX solution to evaluate the relative impact of seasonal effects to overall road performance.  The city will use the rRuf app and cloud workflow to compare condition of their road network in the