Decision making

RUBIX Dashboard

The RUBIX dashboard is a web based, mapping visualization tool that serves two primary needs, depending on how the workflow is integrated into your daily operation.Rubix Dashboard

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As a decision-making tool, the dashboard can be simply used to visualize and make decisions regarding the current state of the infrastructure in question. Typically, this is used by agencies that wish to keep the evaluation of infrastructure simplistic, and do not want to implement advanced analysis or mapping software. Summarized information, such as condition ratings, are presented on an aggregate basis (e.g. per unique road segment), and coloured according to relative condition. As a data retrieval portal, agencies that wish to use the information in other software platforms, such as a GIS or pavement management system, can use the dashboard as a delivery mechanism for the field data that has been processed by Rubix engine.

  • Road condition Indices per segment (CSV, SHP or KML format) showing an overall view of the current network situation based on averaged current information;
  • Historical report per segment (CSV);
  • Raw data files.

In either method, the dashboard is configured for each unique agency and is accessed through a custom URL, and remains accessible for the duration of the subscription.