Spécialiste d’application Rubix (GIS) et support technique


As the person responsible for end users and sales support, you will be responsible to support new and potential customers. You role will consist of training end users on the use of RUBIX mobile apps and web application and monitoring RUBIX hosting and processing servers for continuous operations. You will also be involved in setting up new users and projects including RUBIX inspection form design and reports configuration.

Training of users can be done via web meeting solutions or onsite. Therefore, you will have to travel into different countries (including the USA) without restrictions and you must also have a valid driver’s licence.

Your work location will be at 4710 St-Ambroise, Montreal, QC, H4C 2C7.

Knowledge/Experience required:

  • GIS experience (3 years) or equivalent training;
  • POSTGIS knowledge;
  • SQL experience or knowledge including spatial queries;
  • QGIS experience or knowledge;
  • Web server APACHE installation and maintenance experience;
  • Windows Sever and LINUX operating systems experience;
  • SAAS support experience;
  • iOS and Android expertise;
  • Microsoft Office or equivalent;
  • Fluent in English and French spoken languages;
  • Writing skills in both French and English.

Additional knowledge considered:

  • Safe Software FME experience;
  • Civil engineering experience or studies ( preferably with experience in roadway design and maintenance, pavement management program );
  • Additional spoken languages;
  • WordPress experience;
  • Programming languages knowledge.


  • People communication;
  • Infrastructure management;
  • Small business work environment;
  • Machine learning solutions.

Rival Solutions:

Rival Solution’s is a cloud based, SAAS company with a primary objective to introduce new and innovated tools for aiding condition audits and decision processes related to the different infrastructure types within public works and geomatic division.


RUBIX is a flexible cloud-based technology platform that allows users to efficiently gather information about the condition of infrastructure features such as Roads, Parking Lots, Sidewalks, Parks, etc. Further, using a basic rule-based decision method, RUBIX can be customized to match specific business practices and decision needs related to various infrastructure.

Pour soumettre votre candidature

Nous faire parvenir votre CV à l’adresse suivante: info@rivalsolutions.com en mentionnant le titre du poste dans votre courriel.