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At the airport, no luggage required!

It was a great day to discuss asset management with the  Region of Waterloo International Airport  today.  We appreciated the opportunity to introduce our RUBIX Platform and rInspector App to the Operations team.   Airports provide a unique challenge for asset managers, with

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Safer roads or better roads?

I imagine this is a challenge many agencies will face. Capacity?  Safety?  Level of service? How do you prioritize these potentially competing priorities?

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The City of Bécancour deploys RUBIX to measure pavement condition impact of freeze / thaw cycle

Following an initial pilot project that concluded in 2013 , the Municipality of Bécancour has renewed RUBIX during the 2014 spring season.  The objective of the second project is to measure the ride quality of the cities road network during

City of Beloeil selects RUBIX to complete Road Needs Study

The City of Beloeil, QC, has selected RUBIX as its primary solution to conduct their road needs study.  RUBIX will be used to condition condition analysis as part of a comprehensive infrastructure needs study based on the latest guidelines publish