Rival Solutions was founded in March 2013 with a primary objective to introduce new and innovative methods for aiding decision processes related to the different disciplines within public works and geomatic domains.  Rival’s core solutions bring simple, efficient, dynamic, and scalable alternatives to preventative management of infrastructure by integrating state-of-the-art technologies of mobile mapping, cloud computing, and web dashboard reporting.  Products are driven by a core requirement to remove as much operating complexity and burden from the end user as possible, so data can be captured with ease, and drive time-sensitive decisions required for planning, operating, and maintaining transportation networks.

The base technology platform, designed and developed by Rival, allows for integration of diverse mobile data collection systems, automated cloud data processing, and online dashboard reporting which is aimed to drive both short- and long-term decisions.  Targeted customers for Rival are municipal infrastructure managers, maintenance and operations managers, and engineering service providers involved with evaluating and planning rehabilitation and maintenance for roadways, sidewalks, and cycling paths.


Rival’s mission is to offer innovative infrastructure management tools and solutions that provide a significant productivity gain at lower costs through the integration of mass market tools such as mobile computing devices, cloud computing technology, and business intelligence processes.

Rival strives to introduce creative alternatives to solving challenging problems around aging infrastructure, becoming a leader in redefining the best practices for roadway and infrastructure management.


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