Other Solutions and Applications


The RUBIX platform has been developed in a manner that is adaptable to many applications.  While roadway performance evaluation was the first application addressed, RUBIX can also be used for other types of transportation infrastructure:

Unpaved / Gravel Roads


Conditions on unpaved or gravel roads change rapidly. In certain instances, weather events can cause immediate safety concerns.  RUBIX can be used to help better manage and monitor unpaved surfaces in the areas of:

  • Planning – Long-term needs through performance and predication analysis
  • Operation –  Near real-time monitoring of condition and urgent maintenance needs
  • Maintenance – Preventative maintenance data capture

Please contact Rival directly for more information on gravel solutions.

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Pedestrian Sidewalks and Bike Trails

bad_bike_trailRUBIX is not restricted to “on-road” applications.  Similar concepts and methodologies can be applied to rating conditions on sidewalks, pathways, and bike trails.    Maintaining these types of networks is critical to pedestrian safety and public transportation.

Rival offers efficient, low cost solutions to determine condition and maintenance requirements of this infrastructure. In addition, specific value-add data, such as sidewalk geometry (slopes, grades, etc.)  for input into accessibly reviews / standardization is also able to be gathered with the RUBIX data-capture apps.

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