Yukon Highways deploys RUBIX for data driven condition assessment.

With more than 4,800 kilometers of roads, Yukon Highways and Public works must ensure roads are maintained for safe and efficient use as part of the overall multiyukon_sign-s_klondike-4807-890-modal transportation system.  Approximately 92{73ce61b89d45dbeb5a277a3e07d51b21015ac55660fa62b569ce4465cc3705b6} of the Yukon highway system is made up of Bituminous Surface Treatment (BST) and gravel surfaces, minimizing the applicability of a traditional laser surface profiler.

Rival’s smartphone based rRuf application and cloud based dashboard provides an easy to use and deploy solution, enabling sensor based, data driven feedback on the overall road network condition across all surface types. With Yukon staff spending extensive time in the field, covering a broad area and many remote locations, the RUBIX dashboard allows for collected data to be uploaded while remote, providing feedback to both field staff and central office stakeholders. Real time feedback allows for operational planning for field collection, as well as data review and analysis based on user defined rules, such as districts or zones within the overall network.

Rival’s RUBIX is a flexible cloud-based technology platform that allows users to efficiently gather information about the condition of infrastructure features such as Roads, Trailways, Parking Lots, Sidewalks, Parks, etc. Further, using a basic rule-based decision method, RUBIX can be customized to match specific business practices and decision needs related to various infrastructure.  RUBIX has been utilized on more than 450 projects across 6 Countries.

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